In 1986, the traditions closely related to vineyards and oenology that, for generations, had allowed the making of high-quality wines took shape, and our business was built.


The main feature of these vineyards is that they are small smallholdings in which the different varieties intermingle, red varieties as well as white ones.

We care for our vineyards throughout all the seasons, and that is perceivable in those “village wines”.

We preserve the millenary tradition of stepping on grapes (carbonic maceration) as a vinification, or wine-making, process.

We get very fruity wines, with red fruit, cinnamon, and liquorice reminiscences. They have a flavourful taste, and they are easy to drink.


We have made a short video, and our goal is to show you how the work is within a small winery.

We would also like to thank everyone who is involved and puts in a lot of effort in order to make these wines.

These are the wines the Araico family offers